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Blog, 2016-02-20 What is Casual Dating, anyway?

For certain people at certain times, online casual dating is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe you’re not quite ready to settle down yet. Maybe you’re out of a long-term relationship and feel like the last thing you need right now, is to fall straight back into the same complications with a different face. Maybe you just aren’t the serious dating type; preferring instead to keep life simple.

Whatever the reason for not wanting a serious relationship, casual dating is likely to be the perfect compromise that allows you the chance to truly connect with members of the opposite sex, without having to change the way you want to live your life.

By joining a casual online dating site like this one, with thousands of new members joining every day in your region, you’re opening yourself to a new world of dating possibilities - all without the chance of boredom, heartbreak or stress. It’s ‘no-strings attached’ and its built on a platform of fun! That’s the bottom line here! Want love? You’ve come to the wrong place. Want flirting, chatting, confidence boosting and new experiences? We welcome you with open arms!

The best thing about casual dating is that there are no rules and no expectations. Maybe you’ll meet someone and find a ‘friends with benefits’ situation that eventually blossoms into love. Great! Or maybe you’ll meet lots of girls (or guys) and live out your naughtiest sexual fantasies with them without ever being interested taking things to the next level…well, that’s fine too! It’s not about “I want this” or “I want that”. It’s about being able to live life and focus on things other than relationships for a while, but not having to go without the flirty, cheeky fun that we all enjoy. Do what feels good for you and the other person. Do what makes you happy. I mean really, how many married people do you know that get to do that?

Casual dating is about taking the serious emotion out and focusing on the fun! And the fun can be anything you want; flirty chats, webcam interaction, going out for dinner, staying in for ‘Netflix and chill’…whatever! But it’s without the need for the expectations, control and possessiveness that you just aren’t ready to buy into at this time of your life.

The bottom line here, quite literally, is that if you want calm, free, fun and easy, then you want casual ;-)