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Blog, 2016-01-11 How Do I Keep Things Casual?

The many thousands of members who are active on this casual dating website have one thing in common – when they joined they did so on the basis that they wanted lots of casual encounters and not a serious relationship. There are many reasons why girls and guys flood to online dating hookup sites, but the main one is that they are just not in a place in their lives where they are looking for love. A flirty, fun fling is what they’re after, no stress, no commitment.

That being said, it is possible that after the initial sex chats and horny video exchanges that you will meet in person and find yourself having so much fun that you both decide to meet up again. We generally advise members to keep their one night stands to just that – one night! After all, with the amount of local members on our site, there will always be new opportunities. But we also know that sometimes it’s impossible to resist another night in heaven. And another.  And…well, you get the point.

When you’ve met someone on our site that you can’t resist seeing again, but you’re sure you still want to keep things casual, we advise you to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t confuse lust with love – the start is always the best part and you may find yourself floating rather than walking to work each day. Don’t get carried away with your emotions!
  • Appreciate what you have - every single person secretly wishes they had a ‘friends with benefits’ situation. Now you’ve got one, why mess with it?
  • Set some ground rules – ok, so you both met on this site so it’s clear you both want fun dating and nothing serious. However, it won’t hurt to lay down the law and reiterate that you’re in this for NSA good times and nothing more.
  • NEVER SAY I LOVE YOU – This should be rule number one and two, it’s so obvious and clear and yet that simple word could still slip from your lips. Do not let this happen if you’re trying to keep things casual. Just don’t.
  • Ignore the green monster – We all get jealous, it’s part of human nature. Get a grip on that, don’t be asking about your casual partner’s other hook-ups and casual dates. Not cool!
  • Accept the reality – you’re both in this to use each other. It’s straight fun and no attachments. That’s what you signed up after all.