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Blog, 2015-12-03 Breaking the Ice

Is there anything scarier than staring into a blank message space and wondering what on earth to write to get the attention of some hottie you’ve spotted on your online dating site search results?

Ok, there probably are a few scarier things. Like spiders. Or genetic modification. Or genetically modified spiders. But I digress, the point remains that it can be a little daunting to have to break the ice with a potential match.

That first message is crucial and will determine whether you’ll ever hear from the person you’re looking to hook-up with. Suddenly the spiders don’t seem to scary, right? The good news is that on our site, you already know that EVERYONE is here for flirting and fun, no serious commitments and no strings!

Still, you need to know how to make sure your message will be noticed and provoke a response from your beautiful/ handsome recipient. Well, have no fear, because we are here to help you out…

Key things to remember:

  • Keep it simple but significant. It should get the person’s attention and bring a response, whether that be a smile or positive thought.
  • Open questions are out! Saying “hi how are you?” is bland and boring. It won’t make anyone smile and it won’t bring any positive thoughts. This person is here for flirty fun, not rubbish small talk!
  • Don’t write too much. Keep your message short, you’re not looking to tell your life story here, you’re looking to sounds fun, free and ready for frolicking ;-)
  • Don’t send multiple messages. Don’t keep writing more and more. Send one communication and leave it at that. You’re not desperate – the site is full of sexy options, all interested in NSA encounters in your local area. So why keep knocking a door that will open in its own time?
  • No txt spk. It’s not kl m8 so dnt do it, ROFL! Ur not a kid anymore, LOL!
  • Be humorous! The best opening line is a funny one. This can be tricky, but why not latch onto something in the profile description or photo that you can use in preparing your witty intro? This shows you’re both interested and smart.
  • Don’t copy and paste. Girls know, bro. Cut out the nonsense and copy those who know how to get results in this game. There’s nothing original about using the same opener a hundred times.