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Blog, 2016-03-30 Can ‘Friends with Benefits’ actually work?

You know the concept. You’ve maybe even watched the movie. It’s every man’s fantasy (and many women’s too, it seems).

At first, the idea of a fuckbuddy relationship was a bit like healthy beer or teleportation – amazing in theory, but surely impossible in practice. However, as time has gone on and online hookup dating sites have grown in popularity, it’s become totally clear that the ability to find casual sex online is not some myth – on the contrary, a new sexual revolution has happened.

Sometimes this takes the form of various different one night stands or “hookup” dates. But often, the people who meet for sex on hook up dating sites end up wanting more casual fun with the same partner. They know they both met on a hookup site so there is no pressure or expectation for anything more serious (they probably even still meet up with other partners), but they decide that they should keep in touch as a short-cut; a simple way to recreate their night of passion with no strings attached and without any of the initial awkwardness or unfamiliarity, as they’ve done it all before.

On this basis, a ‘Friends with Benefits’ relationship can absolutely work, provided the terms are accepted and understood from the beginning. If you meet the intended ‘friend’ on a hookup dating site, you’re already half way there as you’re both in it for fun from the start. Once you find you’re compatible and enjoy the casual encounter, that’s when you know you’ve got all the ingredients for the perfect fuckbuddy friendship.