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  • Can ‘Friends with Benefits’ actually work? 2016-03-30

    Can ‘Friends with Benefits’ actually work?

    You know the concept. You’ve maybe even watched the movie. It’s every man’s fantasy (and many women’s too, it seems).
  • Is a casual relationship for me? 2016-03-25

    Is a casual relationship for me?

    There are a number of motivators behind joining hook up sites. Adult hook ups tend to be a result of one or more factors on the list below. If you recognise any of them, chances are you’re going to love free hook up sites like this!
  • Flirting Tips for Hookup Sites 2016-03-21

    Flirting Tips for Hookup Sites

    After registering and searching the many singles in your area that have signed up for adult hookup dating, the next step is to get flirting! Make no mistake, this is the bridge between signing up and setting up your first casual date! Follow the following guidelines and you’ll be on your way to becoming a legend of online hookup websites!
  • What is Casual Dating, anyway? 2016-02-20

    What is Casual Dating, anyway?

    For certain people at certain times, online casual dating is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe you’re not quite ready to settle down yet. Maybe you’re out of a long-term relationship and feel like the last thing you need right now, is to fall straight back into the same complications with a different face.
  • How Do I Keep Things Casual? 2016-01-11

    How Do I Keep Things Casual?

    The many thousands of members who are active on this casual dating website have one thing in common – when they joined they did so on the basis that they wanted lots of casual encounters and not a serious relationship.
  • Breaking the Ice 2015-12-03

    Breaking the Ice

    Is there anything scarier than staring into a blank message space and wondering what on earth to write to get the attention of some hottie you’ve spotted on your online dating site search results?